The following Ethics related courses are available at Emory University:

PHIL 115: Introduction to Ethics
Anthropology 385S: Anthropology and Human Rights
Biology 470S: Special Topics: Animal Cloning: Biology and Ethics
Business 439: Business Ethics
ENVS 350: Environmental Thought: Ethics, Philosophy & Issues
IDS 306: Theories of Justice
Journalism 430: Journalism History and Ethics
MAB 505 Contemporary Issues in Neuroethics
NS 570R Neuroscience, Communications, and Ethics
PHIL 205: Introduction to Biomedical Ethics
PHIL 215: Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 235: Military Ethics
PHIL 315: Ethics
PHIL 482: Ethics and International Affairs
PHIL 490S: Ethics and Conceptions of Nature
POLS 317: Global Human Rights
REL 322: Religion and Sexuality
REL 323: Death and Dying
REL 329: Religion and Ecology
REL 330: Evil: Social Scientific Approaches
REL 354R: Ethics (Multiple Religious Traditions)
REL 360: Evil: Philosophical-Literary Approaches
REL 380R: Internship in Religion
SOC 389S: Applied Social Responsibility
WGS 385-005/NBB 370-001 Feminism, Sexuality, and Neuroethics