Application materials will be available here to download beginning late September 2018. Students will be able to submit their application online October 1st through March 1st.

Click Apply Here button below to begin the TRACE Certificate in Ethics: Summer in Italy Program application.

Please read through the application completely so you are prepared to submit the online form and upload all required documents.


Form 1: General Information- This form will be completed completely online
Form 2: Emergency Contact Release- Please sign and upload to the online application. Emergency contacts will be filled in on the online application.
Form 3: Additional Application Materials- Upload an unofficial copy of your most recent transcript, and a color picture of your passport.

For the following forms, please read carefully, sign with a handwritten signature, and upload the signed pages to the online application.
Form 4: Valid Passport
Form 5: Application Instructions
Form 6: Consent for Release
Form 7: Terms & Conditions
Form 8: Release, Assumption of Risk and Covenant Not to Sue

Form 9: Health & Safety Reminders- will be required post-acceptance. This form is inactive until your formal acceptance into the program. 

Finally, you must meet with Dr. Raggi Moore to discuss your interest in the program.

Your conversation will revolve around the notion of TRACE as a quest, or a pilgrimage. It is an opportunity for participants to pause, look thoughtfully, think about the evidence observed, and wonder how this relates to our interactions with others and to our understanding of self. The Summer in Italy program is a rare opportunity for such a quest. What does “others” and “otherness” mean to you at this stage in your life? How does your understanding of your relationship with others relate to the future profession you wish to undertake? What do you seek through your pilgrimage to Italy?

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions; rather we are looking to see how you perceive, negotiate, and dialogue with, and about, the liminal space between ourselves and our life objectives.

Program application is not considered complete until deposit is received by the Center for Ethics and student has received a receipt.

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