The Ethics of Healing: Perspectives from Tibetan Medicine and Modern Biomedicine

October 22, 2009

Center Faculty participated in the “The Ethics of Healing:  Perspectives from Tibetan Medicine and Modern Biomedicine”, presented by The Program in Science & Society and the Emory-Tibet Partnership.  The Panel included renowned Tibetan physician Dr. Pema Dorjee, acclaimed medical research scientist Dr. Raymond Schinazi, and other Distinguished Emory Faculty.

About the panel:
Dr. Pema Dorjee
Founding Chairman of the Tibetan Medical Council
Dr. Pema Dorjee is one of the most highly regarded physicians practicing Tibetan medicine today. His three past visits to Emory and the symposia he held with Emory medical scientists paved the way for the well-known lojong-based compassion meditation research now taking place at Emory.
Dr. Raymond F. Schinazi

Professor of Pediatrics and Chemistry
Director, Laboratory of Biochemical Pharmacology
Core Director, Emory's Center for AIDS Research
Dr. Raymond F. Schinazi's research revolutionized the treatment of HIV/AIDS. He is now undertaking groundbreaking collaborative research on Tibetan medical compounds.
Kathy Kinlaw
Associate Director, Center for Ethics
Director, Program in Health Sciences and Ethics
Dr. Tammie Quest
Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
Principal of Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care
Dr. Arri Eisen
Senior Lecturer in Biology and in the Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts
Director, Program in Science and Society
Geshe Lobsang Tenzin Negi
Senior Lecturer in Religion and Director, Emory-Tibet Partnership