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Vong, Gerard. ‘Measuring a Neglected Type of Unfairness’. Economics and Philosophy, Forthcoming

Vong, Gerard. ‘Making Non-Transitive Betterness Behave’. Journal of Moral Philosophy, Forthcoming

Vong, Gerard. ‘Fairness, Benefiting by Lottery and the Chancy Satisfaction of Moral Claims’. Utilitas, Vol. 27, No. 04, pp. 470-486

Liao, Matthew; Alexander, Joshua; Wiegman, Alex; Vong, Gerard. 'Putting the Trolley in Order: Experimental Philosophy and the Loop Case’. Philosophical Psychology, Vol. 25, No. 5, pp. 661-671

Vong, Gerard. ‘In defence of Kant’s moral prohibition on suicide solely to avoid suffering’, Journal of Medical Ethics, 34: 655-657.